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“Sequences” were made from 1970 to 1985.

First in the Netherlands. Later in France and Morocco. Next in the USA. And eventually exclusively in Baja California, Mexico.

Making the “Sequences” was a solitary activity. Long periods of time were spent in areas were no human presence could be noticed.

The “Sequences” were successful shortly after the first ones were made. They were first exhibited in 1972 in the Noord-Brabants Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Followed by exhibitions in London, Paris and New York. The “Sequences” sold very well to give the financial independence to focus on producing this characteristic form of photography full time.

“Sequences” are about awareness. And how to make different and surprising interpretations of reality. It is about how reality is possibly related to ourselves.

In 1985 the making of the “Sequences” was abandoned. The motivation for this decision was to avoid getting into repeating ideas. To become the own epigone.

There are hundreds of different “Sequences”, each in an edition of 25. Gelatine silver prints mounted on museum board, signed and numbered.

For information about purchasing original prints or the book titled “Sequences”, go to the contact-page of this website and send an e-mail.